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Sahwan International Rehab center
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Start a new life with the Thai essence.

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an individualized plan.

Sahwan is located on 3 acres land piece in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand. It is an addiction and mental rehabilitation center that focuses on your unique needs. Under the luxurious environment. Equipped with facilities and security.

Guaranteed Quality

Treatment Plan of Your Choice.

We “understand” the differences and unique needs required for each individual. Our treatment is designed to suit the needs of our customers – to provide the highest quality treatment to restore the clients to the best capacity.

  • Holistic Treatment
  • Executive Program
  • Experiential Treatment 

What We Do Best

Contact us for free and confidential consulting.

Individualized Counseling

Family Therapy

Detoxification efficiency guaranteed

Professional & Friendly Staffs

Holistic recovery center

psycho-addiction education

nutritionist-oriented meals

residential treatment

28 days program


What We Can Do for You?

Our service includes the best things an individual who search for sobriety and recovery could asked for. You can learn more about our services in our facility here.

Individualized Counseling

Don’t you think it’s wrong to treat people as the same when each individual has their own ups-and-downs?

Detoxification efficiency guaranteed

We are proud in our detoxification method and this process comes with a guarantee on least withdrawals symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A method of changing thoughts process and attitudes under a scope of time, with a clear objective.

Basic Medical Care

Doctors on site. Ready when you need them.

A word from the founder

We care. Like you’re one

of our own.

A word from Mr. Kongla Phuwadonanon, the founder of SIRC, to those who are in need of help finding their ways to new life.

“The ultimate goal of SUDs therapy is to create a path to (re)create one’s life in society.”


Hua Hin's Sahwan International Rehab Center (SIRC) was pleased to receive a visit from members of the local Swedish Association of Hua Hin.  The visit took place at the Center on Tuesday, 19th February 2019.  The Swedish Association, led my Anci Lanta, included fellow...


THAILAND MAKHA BUCHA DAY (FEB 19, 2019) Thais in Thailand celebrate Buddhist days as part of their spiritual beliefs and traditions. Makha Bucha Day is one such day that occurs in February or March.  This year it falls on February 19.  The Buddhist calendar is a lunar...

Latest! Opening in Hua Hin

NEWS UPDATE!   The New Life Rehabilitation Center, a subsidiary of Phufa Resthome-Bangkok, is about to open its doors in Hua Hin.  Operating as Sahwan International Rehab Center (SIRC), the center offers effective treatment and rehabilitation to those who are troubled...

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99 Tub Tai, Hua Hin, Pra Chuab Khiri Khan, Thailand 77110 +66 63 908 2999 contact@sahwanrehab.com