Thais in Thailand celebrate Buddhist days as part of their spiritual beliefs and traditions. Makha Bucha Day is one such day that occurs in February or March.  This year it falls on February 19.  The Buddhist calendar is a lunar one, and the third lunar month is known in the Thai as Makha (meaning to venerate or to honor). Makha Bucha is to honor the Buddha and his teachings which were delivered on the full moon day of the third lunar month.

How is Makha Bucha Day celebrated here in Thailand?

In Thailand people observe the following on Makha Bucha Day by:

1)  Making merit in going to Temple where they engage in Buddhist activities;

2)Keeping the five precepts:

1) Harming living things  2) Taking What is not given   3)  Sexual misconduct     4)  Lying or gossip   5)  Taking intoxicating substance such   as drugs and alcoholic drinks;

3)  Offerings of food to monks and novices (alms);

4)  Observing in some cases the eight precepts which may include the practice of  meditation and mental discipline, by staying in the Temple, and by wearing  white robes for a number of days;

5)  Attending an evening candle light procession around the Ubosot (ordination  hall).

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