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About Sahwan International


 Sahwan International Rehab Center is a luxury residential facility offering comprehensive addiction treatment programs. A holistic approach to recovery is provided under the supervision of an experienced clinical team in a private location in close proximity to the sea at Hua Hin.


A Thai-styled resort in a mountain setting provides the ideal location for recovery from addictive behaviors.


Physical health treatments combine modern medicine with traditional Thai wellness approaches to provide an individualized treatment program based on the unique needs of clients.


01. thai-cultured luxury

Thailand is long known for its uniquely flourished cultures. At Sahwan International Rehab Center, we have carefully encapsulated the finest qualities of Thai graces , providing an enchanting experience to all patients and guests. 

02. Professionalism

Professionals; In other words, we know what to do with drugs addiction treatment. Our staffs are comprised of certified substance use disorder specialists. At our luxurious Sahwan estate, professionalism is served with confidentiality.

03. confidentiality

The crucial factors for our customers: secluded space and privacy. Patients will be given personal space as much as they need or need not. Our facility will be 100% protected from unauthorized persons. With full security 24/7 on duty.

Proven Success

Numbers never lie.

With a superb environment, equipped with facilities, Sahwan will make you feel as if you are staying in a luxury hotel. With our experienced staff members, we entrust you with confidence and betterment throughout the time you are receiving treatment at our center.


Satisfaction Rate

Days of Treatment

Our Rehabilitation Program

Among the luxury and private at Hua Hin, Sahwan has a program to treat addiction to drugs and drink alcohol only comprehensive Hillside. One thing we value is the Holistic treatment to balance both physically and mentally. Because we believe in spiritual development. In addition to physical symptoms and treatment. We also focus on growth from within.

While medical science healing effect on the body. Psychological healing process would begin simultaneously. Which is conducive to the development of treatment and recovery has been strong both physically and mentally.

What To Expect


A Team Of Professionals

kongla Phuwadonanon

Presidet and Founder

“The ultimate goal of addiction treatment is to (re)gain their life.”

Dr. yada thavorn ph.d

Vice President

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Phupa Phuwadonanon

Addiction Professional

ICAP I, Colombo Plan

Thammasat University

fatarida Phuwadonanon


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What We Do Best

cognitive behavioral therapy

Short term, Goal-Oriented psychotherapy treatment.

individualized counseling

It’s unusual for every unique case to be treated uniformly. Every individuals need specialised treatment.

Detoxification assured

We are proud of our Detoxification process. Least withdrawal symptoms guaranteed.

primary care

Medical doctors on site. With 24/7 supervision if you needed any urgent help.

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99 Tub Tai, Hua Hin, Pra Chuab Khiri Khan, Thailand 77110 +66 63 908 2999 contact@sahwanrehab.com