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While you are busy with various activities that Sahwan has provided for you in order to balance your lifestyle. All of our activities will restore your health, body and give you a peace of mind. 


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What will you experienced during your rehabilitation with Sahwan International Rehab Centre? 

At Sahwan, you will be well-taken care of by experts who have certified standards in Thailand and international. Therefore, we want you to be confident and trust in our services which we personalized and designed for every guest. 

In a pacify and tranquil environment, you will be given a rehabilitation plan created and designed for relaxation in accordance with your different needs (Individualized Treatment), both new rehabilitation plans and/or holistic treatment. 

During the rehabilitation process, our team will provide a comfort atmosphere through physical and mental processes. This process consists of a rehabilitation plan, luxurious accommodation, meal plans and nutritions, massage and other facilities. We want to make sure that you will receive the highest level of satisfaction throughout your stay at Sahwan International Rehabilitation Centre. 

All guests will receive a rehabilitation plan designed to meet their individual needs as our ultimate goal is to create a balanced lifestyle.




From our founder


We care. Like you’re one of our own. 


Kongla Phuwadonanon, founder of Sahwan International Rehab Center and a well-known Thai philanthropist, has his motto for those who are in need of help pursuing sobriety. 

“The ultimate aim of substance use disorder recovery is to provide functional ways to (re)gain one’s life or (re)create one’s society.” 


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