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We believe that a traditional therapy focus only on psychological and physical symptoms which are only one part of success. Abstaining from drugs use requires the healing of the soul in order for an effective result.


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Clinical Services For Substance Abuse in Hua Hin, Thailand

With our goal of allowing drug users to return and live happily together with their loved ones, family and society, Sahwan rehabilitation center is remarkable as it is a holistic care which we have carefully selected. Our holistic care consists of: 

  • Yoga Therapy: An artistic and aesthetic exercise which helps guest reflects on their own actions, allowing them to know what is wrong and what is right, bringing back their right mindset and perception with a guidance from a yoga teacher throughout the therapy. 

  • Meditation Therapy: Guest will be given a guidance to mediate for his/her peace of mind and body, which will benefit in the long-term when making decision to anything.

  • Massage Therapy : Massage helps reduce stress effectively and is another way to relax the body and the mind. 

  • A specifically designed exercise: In order to be ready when facing the real world,  exercising at Sahwan will be designed by guest’s personal trainer which will also help reducing guest’s stress. 

  • Nutritional foods: In addition to the external body, the internal body and what guest intake in order to abstain from drug is very important. Three meals and snacks are prepared and planned by a nutritionist, making the served meal delicious and good for health. 

  • Hippotherapy/ Horse-Assisted Therapy: Guest will spend time with horse, bathing a horse and riding a horse to make him/her feel aware and confident. Many people say that bathing horses is a fun and a happy activity. 

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