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At Sahwan, our rehabilitation process is a safe and effective. Guest will receive the maximum level of satisfaction. The effectiveness of treatment and results depends on the individual’s physical and mental health. 

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A luxurious rehabilitation for drug abstinence personalized for you especially in Sahwan. 

Nowadays, luxury services have branched out the form of traditional and formal styles. We often see service providers wearing “white gloves” to represent meticulousness and thoughtfulness, which can be found in many large hotel chains, where services are customized to meet the standards and consistency. 

At Sahwan International, we focus on friendliness and access to privacy. All of our service personnels are warmth and welcoming with sincerity in honoring and respecting of our guests. Although Sahwan International wants to represent a luxury and meticulousness service, which is very important, but luxury is just a standard and foundation of our service. We believe that in order to be abstained from drug, 50% should come from a guidance and the remaining should be based on the habits and the willingness of guests in order to stop drug abuse. 

A one-stop facility and amenity for drug abstinence at Sahwan International  

Privacy and personal space are significant factors in addiction treatment; they provide the patients a chance to discover their ultimate goal in recovery. At our facility, patients will be given as much privacy and personal space as they need or need not. In contrast, if they need someone to talk to, we also have the right people.

Our facility features a pool, access to nature trails and proximity to the Hua Hin Beach. Massages and Hotel-Level food are delightfully available on site.


Holistic Recovery Program

At Sahwan, we believe in holistic approach as one of the prevailing approaches to addiction treatment. Holistic therapy will put the clients at ease while getting to know their overall system, improve their mind and body, and develop a better habit of sobriety. With our specialists’ care, Sahwan’s way of holistic addiction treatment will give the recipient a physical and medical boost.

Sahwan’s holistic therapy includes meditation, yoga, hydro-therapy, eco-walks, hiking, golf, physical training, swimming, Thai-Boxing, Thai-massages, and more.

Our holistic treatment experts are certified specialists who will customize their responsibilities to facilitate recovery from addiction. They help us provide the most satisfied rehab experience at our Sahwan facility, Hua Hin.

Clinical Treatment Services

The holistic treatment we provide at Sahwan International would not be nearly as effective if we didn’t subsequently offer evidence-based clinical treatment as well. Our clinical treatment services are much more advanced than simple one-on-one and group counseling sessions. Our counselors and therapists employ a number of tried-and-true strategies to facilitate the individual recoveries of each client.

At our luxury rehab in Hua Hin, we offer ongoing addiction education to each client, and we heavily emphasize the importance of community integration. We also teach mindfulness strategies and we use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help clients improve their thinking patterns and problem-solving skills. These are just a sample of the many clinical forms of treatment we utilize in our inpatient rehab program.

From Our Founder

We Care. Like You’re One of Our Own.

Kongla Phuwadonanon, founder of Sahwan International Rehab Center and a well-known Thai philanthropist, has his motto for those who are in need of help pursuing sobriety.

“The ultimate aim of substance use disorder recovery is to provide functional ways to (re)gain one’s life or (re)create one’s society.”

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